Chapter 114: The Latest Skinny (and another Top 10)

So 2016 was a bust of a year, and 2017 seems like it is shaping up to compete with 2016's shit quality.  Luckily, there is at least some good news on a personal level, as the wife and I are going to welcome our second child this summer. Just wish I felt more confident about the world we were bringing the kid into. So lately has been working around the house preparing our spare room and turn it into a proper room for the new baby, and getting our little one prepared for the coming addition.  She seems pretty excited about it!

As I annually do for some reason, here is my Top 10 Movies of 2016:

10. Neon Demon
Nicholas Winding Refn isn't a filmmaker I've been following closely, but I really liked "Drive," and his latest film is stylish and creepy and pretty too look at, as it follows a young beautiful model as she enters the dark strange world of professional modeling.  Just great too look at, with a very Argento feel too it all.

9. The Lobster
Just as weird a premis…

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