Chapter 115: Annual Update!

As per usual, I haven't updated this main blog in a long while. I was briefly considering turning it into review page for films I had seen recently....or more. I had long used Flixster for writing my thoughts down on movies, but recently the site was acquired by Fandango and has been turned into utter garbage. I have discovered Letterboxd however, and it seems a better place to catalog my reviews and put down my thoughts of movies. I have removed my link to Flixster on my sidebar and replaced it with Letterboxd, though I have ratings for a lot of movies, I have yet to scratch the surface of moving my film reviews over. And, in general, I may want to end up updating a ton of those reviews, my thoughts may have changed, or, I just want to expand on them. A lot of those reviews were short and only a paragraph. And I may have more to say on some movies, and as such I will write my thoughts out in more detail as time goes on.

I have also, as anyone who visits these sits may have notice…

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